One, Two, Five......Live
1996 CD - Black Cat 1052

Recorded at ”De Piek” in Vlissingen, Holland, this live recording is to celebrate our 12,5 year anniversary and is also dedicated to the memory of Rory Gallagher.

”Since our beloved Rory moved on it has been difficult for me to get in to listening to music generally but when I first put this album on, things changed, as this live record rocked me out and it´s blues (check out ”Bad New On The Line”) cut me to the bone. I know Rory would have derived so much pleasure from this Juke´s recording and in particular their version of ”The Loop”.
Thank you Juke Joints for keeping the torch alight.”
Kind regards,
Donal Gallagher

”The Juke Joints have a new live recording and they are rockin´hard and takin´names. If you like your blues hot and your rock to boogie, the Juke Joints have served up a fine new batch of sounds for you! Keep on rockin´!”
Omar Dykes
Omar and the Howlers

”This is the real deal, genuine ass kickin´, american biker bar blues music. These guys play it like they mean it...”
Mark Wenner
the Nighthawks


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